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Why Study at School of Excellence

RCM School of Excellence is an institution dedicated to skilling individuals for the digital marketing and graphic design industry. The institution offers an on campus course option as well as an online option, giving everyone the choice to select an option that best suits their current lifestyle. RCM School of Excellence is partnering with Right Click Media, a digital agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions for your business. The partnering with the agency allows students to access practical experience and industry examples.

Qualification Options

The School of Excellence offers a variety of courses, online and on campus, qualifications, in digital marketing, web design and we building, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, sales and telesales and Google AdWords.  The courses currently run from three months to six months in length. These qualifications allow for one to be appropriately skilled to be able to handle the relevant positions and tasks that the industry requires.

Why Choose the School Of Excellence?

The advertising industry is currently undergoing a large shit towards a digital future, as the consumers and audiences of advertising are spending more time in the digital plane.  Advertisers and brands need to change their approach and communicate with them in a more relevant means and make themselves digitally present. The industry is finding that there is a gap in the need for digitally skilled professionals and the availability of digitally skilled professionals. The School of Excellence offers courses to bridge that gap and allow the industry to have more supply for the demand of those skills

To Find Out More About the School

The School of excellence offers courses that only specify in web building and design, or just digital marketing, or a combination of the both. To be able to find out more about what courses and qualifications that is available, visit School Of Excellence for more information.

Why Choose a Career in Digital?

The way the world and the work environment are evolving means that the world is integrating with digital technology. The world of work has evolved to what is known as Industry 4.0. This means that everything that can become digital and be done with a computerised machine, is. It also means that people are spending more and more time online as mobile technology is integrating itself more into the users’ lives.  Marketers have to spend more time and resources to communicate with everyone on these digital platforms because that is where a large portion of their time is being spent. This provides great opportunities for current and future marketing professionals.

Benefits of Joining the Digital Industry

As scary as it may seem to be entering into this highly digitised society, it comes with its own opportunities and benefits, such as there are new jobs that did not exist previously, and there is a need for skills that not everyone has. From a career perspective there are some advantages, such as, one could become an in-demand industry professional. There will also be creation of new jobs which means new adventures. There is a potential to be earning a decent salary, and it is easier to build a career with a digital portfolio than compared to traditional advertising.

RCM School of Excellence

Does the idea of starting a digital career intrigue you? Then RCM School of Excellence is the place for you, they offer diplomas in different areas of digital marketing which can be done online, as well as three on campus courses that specialise in digital marketing and web building, which will prepare you for your future career in digital marketing, preparing you for the future of the industry, as well giving you the opportunity to upskill yourself if you’re looking for a change.

How to Choose Digital

To be able to find out more about what courses and qualifications that is available, visit School Of Excellence for more information.

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