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How AdWords Helps Your Organic SEO

With over a million businesses utilizing on Google AdWords, there must be a reason why nearly all market leaders make use of it. Ultimately, these online adverts cost money and had they not produced results, Google wouldn’t be the success story that it is today.
Google swears irrefutably that AdWords doesn’t directly affect the organic rankings of a website. Though several small businesses owners claim that their organic rankings “appear to improve” when they utilize AdWords and lessen when they stop using them. Here is a look at how AdWords aids your organic SEO:

Getting the Best Keyword Data

One of the greatest challenges for most website owners is identifying and targeting the correct keywords. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner offers detailed info on keywords for your specific audience or industry. AdWords also gives you the information and the monthly average of the volume of searches for a given word or phrase, the competition level for each term, and the data of the pay-per-click market rate for each term.

Refining Your Keyword List

Organic rankings require quite a bit of time. When targeting a certain keyword (particularly one with a high level of competition) specialised SEO services can take six months to a year to see any results. Even when results are achieved, they may not be as significant as you imagined.
However, if you run a small AdWords campaign to test the keywords that are selected; you may be able to save quite a bit of time. You will be able to see the conversion rate of the keyword easily, as well as the bounce rate. This will indicate to you which keywords are worth targeting to improve your organic search results.

Improving the Click Through Rates for Current Rankings

AdWords might also help increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) with current rankings. This is useful if you are ranking well for a specific keyword, getting satisfactory traffic but unable to monetize because of a low CTR. Generally, changing up the title and description can enhance the CTR.
Though it’s impossible to test your meta-description in the organic search, you can easily test ad copy in AdWords, then amend your web page meta-descriptions built on your AdWords testing.

Improving Geo-Targeting

Another way to use AdWords is to bid on traffic from various different geographic locations. This, in conjunction with Google Analytics, allows you to compare the ways in which various locations convert. There can be significant inconsistencies in conversions for precisely same keywords in different locations.

Dropping Bounce Rates

While this hasn’t been verified by Google, it is thought that a high bounce rate – particularly when the bounce results in a click to a rival site – will affect a website’s ranking negatively. However, when targeted traffic is directed to your site via AdWords, especially to a specific page with quality information, it can help in increasing their time on your site, while minimizing the bounce rate, potentially impacting your site’s rankings in a positive manner.
There is no way you will ever rank for every single keyword that is related to your industry or website. However, with PPC you can fill in these gaps, for a relatively small cost, and enjoy the other in-direct SEO benefits that these ads have to offer.

The RCM Digital College is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals. The RCM Digital College is also a certified Google Partner and graduates of The RCM Digital College will be awarded a certificate of completion and Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Above all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders.

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