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The RCM Digital College offers online digital marketing courses for students who do not reside in the Gauteng area or require flexibility. The beauty of an online course is that you can study anywhere at any time. Therefore, learning a digital skill from any location can be a great way to upskill and receive a qualification.

Our online digital marketing courses are locally and internationally accredited in over 188 countries throughout the world. An international accreditation opens you up to a vast number of opportunities to work abroad.

Current online courses from RCM Digital College

  • Professional diploma in digital and social selling
  • Professional diploma in digital marketing
  • Professional diploma in digital strategy and planning
  • Professional diploma in social media marketing

Why choose to study with RCM Digital College?

The price of our online digital marketing courses includes examination fees, slideshows, video content, practical exercises, and access to a facilitator and or student advisor when you require assistance. In addition, all our online courses are recognized as professional diplomas.

For students who are currently employed and wish to upskill, this is a great, flexible option.

When the student is ready to complete their online digital marketing courses and write the exam, they can schedule an exam at a venue closest to them, at a time that suits them best. There are exam venues nationwide.

Online digital marketing courses are a great way to upskill and earn a qualification according to timing that suits you and your personal or professional needs.

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For more information about our online digital marketing courses, browse through our selection of online courses and find the starting place for a fulfilling digital career. Alternatively, contact the RCM Digital College today.

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