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The Twenty-First century and the rise of the internet has seen a lot of exciting new industries and career opportunities spring up for those with the initiative and drive to take advantage of them, and in no other industry is this truer than in the online marketing one. Advertising has always been an enticing enterprise with constant changes and developments that make use of new mediums, and digital marketing is no exception.
But what exactly does it mean to be in the online marketing industry? There is a lot that goes into running a successful advertising campaign, with many of its facets requiring training, knowledge, and experience that can only be found on the job. So, which one of these areas of online marketing appeal most to you?
Sales and Customer Relations
Sales is the backbone of just about any industry since every company needs a stream of reliable clients to keep the wheels turning, to stimulate growth and to make a name for themselves. When it comes to the world of online advertising, salespeople are expected to be on the ball, informed about how and why one should opt for an online campaign, and they need to be able to assist potential clients with seeing the value in running an online campaign.
Ask any salesman out there and they will tell you that the best salespeople believe in the service they are selling, which is great for online marketing since the service speaks for itself. So, with a little training and experience, you could become the next top salesperson in the online advertising industry.
Web Design, Graphic Design and App Development
Building quality websites, adverts, and mobile applications are the cornerstone of a successful online marketing agency, which means that there are opportunities abound for web, graphics and app designers with the creative talent and drive to create functional, user-friendly and well-designed platforms.
Each of these skills can only be obtained through rigorous training, hard work, trial and error and a genuine interest in creating something that is new and unique. Of course, developers and designers also need to be able to closely follow briefs given out by content managers and clients, while still being able to provide a sense of creative flair to the build.
Marketing Campaign and Social Media Management
Managing online marketing campaigns such as AdWord campaigns and social media profiles for businesses is challenging but rewarding for both you and your clients, but they are skills that are not easily acquired.
However, with careful training and dedication, you can get AdWords certified and become a pro at balancing and optimising client campaigns to see that all of their advertising needs are met on the Search Network, the Display Network, as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.
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