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Once upon a time, graphic design, film production and article writing were considered some of the most creative fields that job-seekers could get into. However, with developments in digital technology, particularly the internet, these fields have been bypassed as those that give workers creative freedom of expression, by mediums that are concerned with the world-wide-web.
Almost all businesses recognise the importance of running a digital marketing campaign, but very few of them have the expertise, skills and experience to do so with any level of success, which has created an overwhelming number of opportunities for those who are bold enough to break into a new and exciting industry, while getting the chance to flex their creative muscles in an environment that fosters it.
There are many creative areas of focus when it comes to digital marketing, and here are just a few that you could break into today:
Graphic Design
Graphic design is possibly one of the first fully creative professions to grace the modern workplace, but with developments in digital technology, the idea behind what it means to be a graphic artist has diversified somewhat.
Many designers find success and satisfaction through story-boarding, logo design and print advertising; but since the world-wide-web has exploded onto the scene, the call for talented designers working in the digital marketing world has been great.
Web and App Development
Designing and developing platforms such as mobile apps and webpages make up the cornerstone of the digital marketing field. There is a certain amount of creative problem solving involved in both of these career paths, and each one can end up being as lucrative as the next.
This also takes into account SEO (or search engine optimisation) which describes how elements in web-design can be used to obtain the best possible search engine rankings.
Creative Writing
The creation of content that is interesting engaging and informative is essential for maintaining a successful website, and communicating your clients’ needs to their audiences.
It is a challenging job with plenty of room for growth, both personal and professional. Specialising in creating and managing content, could even open doors to other publishers.
Audio Visual Production
Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have become an important part of digital marketing campaigns, which means there will always be a need for individuals who can develop high quality material for these sites.
Particularly in the field of video production, more and more emphasis is being payed to hooking clients through engaging videos.
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