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Instagram is a photo and video sharing networking service that has taken the world by storm. The application boasts one billion active monthly Instagram users, which is not surprising since Facebook- another successful and popular social media platform, owns it. 

Instagram’s algorithm.

Rumor has it that only 10% of your audience is seeing your posts in their newsfeed. This is extremely frustrating for avid Instagram users who are using the platform for marketing purposes to get through to consumers. Businesses and influencers alike are feeling the effects of an average ten percent reach.

What’s new?

Instagram has launched a new algorithm in June of 2019; the new algorithm has more benefits to Instagram users, which is necessary for the platform to continue to thrive.

The new algorithm predicts how much you care about a post. Your Instagram feed is not only based on whom you follow but it is also based on what you like and who your friends are. The order of your newsfeed will depend on the likelihood of you being interested in the content, your relationship to the person who is posting the content and timeliness of the post. The new algorithm may become a challenge for businesses and influencers who are looking to reach new audiences but there are ways of overcoming these challenges; namely spend more time consistently posting to Instagram.

The new Instagram algorithm also determines your relationships with your followers. Instagram will prioritize posts with high engagements and will deprioritize posts based on the relationships you have with your followers, therefore making the content that is seen by the user more relevant. Determining your relationship with your followers is based on commenting on posts and posts that you are tagged in, this will classify you into the “friends and family” category according to Instagram. Businesses should start treating comments as conversations in order to engage with their consumers and overcome this feature, which may turn into a marketing hurdle.

Timeliness is a factor, which is now also taken into account. This factor was taken into consideration after users were complaining about seeing Christmas posts on their news feed well after the festive day had passed and they were in the process of welcoming the New Year. The trick for businesses is to identify a time that their followers are most active and post during these times.


In conclusion, the new algorithm should make for a more user-friendly experience and businesses will be able to take full advantage of marketing opportunities if they understand how the new algorithm works. If you are interested in obtaining a diploma or would like to learn more about marketing on Instagram, contact The RCM Digital College to sign up for a full-time or online course.

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