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Digital Courses

The RCM School of Excellence Digital Marketing College offers a range of full-time digital marketing courses which focuses on digital skills.

We recognize the need for learners to gain workplace experience and take advantage of income streams, therefore we have developed the option of morning or afternoon classes.

Our morning classes are from 8:30am to 12:30 pm and our afternoon classes are from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Fridays are available for students to attend extra lessons or to participate in our job shadowing programmes.

Why choose a full-time course with the RCM School of Excellence Digital College?

Full-time digital courses are facilitated by highly skilled; experienced facilitators. The facilitators all head up departments within our sister company, Right Click Media – not only do they teach but they do (and they do it well on a daily basis).

These digital courses are specifically designed to ensure that the students gain practical knowledge and experience in a real working environment.

The facilities are equipped with everything that the student may need for their studies. The student will have access to a computer with the required software already installed, as well as a connection to the internet through Wi-Fi.

The price of the digital courses are inclusive of administrative fees, examination fees, moderation fees, assessment fees, textbooks, extra lessons over and above classroom time, registration fees, and accreditation fees (excluding international accreditation).

This is a great option for students who need face-to-face training.

Doing an online digital course requires discipline. The facilitators walk you through the entire course with full support; making this a great option for any student to consider!