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Short courses

The RCM Digital College offers a range of short digital marketing courses designed to upskill learners and provide enough knowledge to apply their expertise in a practical working environment.

These short digital marketing courses are aimed at working individuals, and as a result, have been created to take up as little time as possible.

Current short digital marketing courses from RCM Digital College

  • Google Ads course
  • Search engine optimisation course
  • Social media course
  • Website design course
  • Website development

Why choose to study with RCM Digital College?

Upon completing one of our short digital marketing courses, you will be awarded a certificate that the RCM Digital College accredits. This certificate is a great CV booster for those seeking career opportunities or looking to change careers.

RCM Digital College is accredited locally and internationally. As a result, you can rest assured that you are gaining a wealth of knowledge from experienced professionals to take you to career opportunities all over the world.

Should you or your organisation require a tailormade package specific to your job role or industry, we are happy to accommodate you and your educational needs.

Short courses are a fantastic way to upskill and improve your knowledge, and it is convenient, as it is conducted in a short period and according to a flexible schedule.

For more information about our short courses, or a tailormade package, contact the RCM Digital College today.

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Browse through our selection of short digital marketing courses and find the starting place for a fulfilling digital career.