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Self-Taught or with Guidance: The Better Way to Learn Digital

Self-Taught or with Guidance: The Better Way to Learn Digital | RCM School Of Excellence Digital College

If you are struggling to decide which is better to build your skill and knowledge, self-taught or with guidance, it could be a bit of an easy choice. This is based on who you are, and your current circumstances. We have all met someone who has been self-taught in something and they are honestly amazing at it. But that does not mean that it will work for you, and in certain fields of knowledge and skills. This includes digital skills. Yes, you are able to do and should do self-study when it comes to building your skill base and keeping up with an ever-changing industry.

Guided Digital Skills Building

You might have hated school and how that process transpired, and you wish to never do that again. But that might not be a great idea. In an industry such as digital marketing and website development, you can greatly benefit from some guidance. With guidance, you are able to have access to updated, ethical and relevant information. By growing your skills this way you can have access to trusted industry information, industry leaders and experience. By having some guidance, you are able to reassure future employees of your capabilities as they know the information from an online course or a college or an internship is more trusted than a five-year-old video on YouTube.

Self-Taught Digital Skills Building

Elements of self-study and self-learning definitely have its place in allowing you to grow as a student and as a professional. The industry is constantly changing as technology changes and people change, and it is worth constantly monitoring that to stay in the know. However, deciding to forgo some guided training could be detrimental as you could end up learning completely wrong information and skills, and that is never great for your career. You could be learning how to do something completely unethically and that could lead to serious trouble. You do not build a great network by watching videos and reading outdated articles online.

RCM School of Excellence

RCM School of Excellence offers you a great opportunity to access guided content for your future. We offer a variety of on-campus and online courses that are structured to help you build your skill and knowledge of the digital industry. Visit our website to see the different courses we have, these range from social media marketing, to website development. Get the best information for yourself and your career with us, in a manner that suits you.

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