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Why Specialise in Search Engine Optimisation?

Why Specialise in Search Engine Optimisation? | RCM School Of Excellence Digital College

There are many areas of specialisation when it comes to digital marketing, and each one plays an important role in contributing to an effective advertising campaign. Web developers, campaign managers, app developers and social media practitioners are but a few of the crucial personnel involved in the task, but when it comes to getting the most out of web campaigns, few people have the responsibility that an SEO specialist does.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation is the process of making websites more visible to their target audience. By carefully managing paid-for and organic keywords in web content, blogs, articles and on the website’s back-end, an SEO practitioner makes it rank highly on search engines when related queries are entered in by prospective audience members.

The strength behind SEO is that it attracts clients who are actively searching for products or services offered by websites; so, when entered into with care and concentration, will lead to the generation of more leads and conversions.

Can a campaign be successful without SEO?

Not to say that it is impossible, but it is very unlikely that a website with no attention paid to SEO will ever get favourable traffic.  Search engines require pages to be optimised in order to categorise them and make them available to those who are making related searches. Having said this, all digital marketing practitioners recognise the importance of SEO as the cornerstone of digital advertising.

How does it tie in with all other digital marketing tasks?

Your website will be the port to which you want to drive traffic, make conversions and be able to take measurements on your campaign’s success. Guest posting on other sites, producing videos or being active on social media are all great ways to collect prospective customers; however, at some point, these mediums will need to be directed to your site. If it is not properly optimised, you may find that your other efforts fail as a result of your audience losing interest once they get to your page and find out that it isn’t very well optimised or indeed authoritative.

How can you learn the skills?

We live in an age where information is freely available, but where does one start looking. Google themselves have some excellent SEO study-guides; hubs such as are also excellent places to source information and advice.

However, for a practitioner to be a success, they need to have experience and guidance that brings them familiarity with the industry as a whole; which is why it is often the better choice to opt for formal training through a digital advertising college with a course in search engine optimisation.

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