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There’s a Career Choice Out there for Everyone

There’s a Career Choice Out there for Everyone

The year is coming to a close and for many people in our country, that means a mixture of emotions as they leave the snug confines of their school gates to make their way in the open world. I say that there are mixed emotions because for many school leavers, the excitement of finally completing their twelve year schooling sentence is overshadowed by the angst of not knowing what comes next.

The important thing to remember is that when you leave school, that the learning shouldn’t stop; in fact, many would argue that this is where the real learning begins. Whether you are off to a college, university campus, apprenticeship or are taking one of our digital marketing courses, the skills you develop and the insights you obtain during the earliest years of your career, form the foundation that will set the tone for your career in the future.

So while all of your friends seem to know just what they want to do, and there is pressure coming from family on which direction you ought to take, only you can make the choice that will best suit you. And if you aren’t sure which direction your professional life should take, we have good news for you; neither do most of the people you are graduating with- but the ideal career path is out there waiting for you. You just need to know where to start looking.

Consider Career Guidance

Your professional aptitude is dependant as much on your abilities as it is on where your interests lie. And since you can always develop your skills around your interests, it is a good idea to go for career counselling for a little professional clarity before you start working at building your skillset.

Most universities and colleges offer them in order to direct students towards a beneficial career path, and they are definitely worth taking. To make an appointment for career guidance with our team, click here, and our experienced guidance councillors will happily arrange a consultation with you.

Start by Learning Everything You Can

Once you have an idea of which profession interests you the most, it’s time to immerse yourself in it; but you need to learn how to crawl before you can start running.

Find a college or course that specialises in your ideal field and scour the internet for all the information on the industry that you can.

This way you will not only be learning about what your chosen path entails, but will also build the skills necessary to do so.

Be wary of going to a university or a college just for the sake of getting a degree or diploma. If you have little or no personal interest in the course you are taking, you likely won’t excel at it, nor would you find much success in the industry that it represents.

With many education programmes, like our digital marketing courses, qualifications can be earned online, allowing you to build work experience while simultaneously studying; which brings me to my next point.

Build Your Experience like a Boss

Experience, it is often said, is far more important than an education. While I might agree with this statement in some sentiments, it isn’t entirely true.

Getting experience is important, but learning everything on the job will almost certainly result in costly mistakes.

Mistakes are, after all, the best teachers out there; except of course when they are being compared to actual, living, breathing professionals.

You may choose to build your experience while you are studying, or once your studies have concluded. Either way, there is no supplement of getting your hand dirty.

If you truly want to be the best in your field then an education is crucial, but simply not enough.

You need to start at the bottom of the ladder like all the greats before you, and climb it rung-for-rung like they have.

If you can find an education programme that offers you both practical and theoretical experience, you will be better-off for it.

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