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The RCM Digital College is an accredited digital marketing college established to promote education in digital skills. We have a wealth of knowledge in this field and aim to enrich the lives of others through education in digital marketing skills. Considering the fourth industrial revolution, digital skills are highly sought-after, and entering this energetic field can be exciting. Our digital college is accredited nationally in South Africa and internationally in over 188 countries throughout the world. Studying one of the online digital marketing courses at the RCM Digital College is the first step to becoming a digital nomad and making your dream of travelling the world while working a possibility. We’ve coined the concept #worklikeme based on this. We offer online digital marketing courses and a host of other skills courses that are easily accessible. The price of our online digital marketing courses includes your learning material, practical exercises, video material, access to the student portal, your examination fees, and the fee for accreditation unless otherwise stated. Morning and afternoon training sessions are available, so check your schedule and book your course according to your calendar. Classes for the online digital marketing courses run for four hours daily, from Monday to Thursday. Training does not take place on a Friday because we usually do extra lessons and masterclasses on a Friday. The RCM Digital College offers a variety of online digital marketing courses, including:
  • Digital marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Animation design
  • Mobile app development

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Great environment, Awesome premises, young & vibey

Amazing College for the best Digital marketing knowledge. Staff are amazing and the learning never stops.

Nikita Durieux

Very professional, progressive and innovative company! A special mention must also go out to Sharon Guilford who is an excellent ambassador for her company and who has provided me with above average service

Gavin Norton

Everything. Awesome lectures and great environment. I learnt so much there.

Kaneesha Abrahams

RCM Digital College provides an amazing opportunity to Learn about the digital environment and how it is always expanding. I for one am a student here and i love the environment as well as the lecturers that teach us, it is all up beat and energetic not not one day is ever the same as the previous day. 😎 #Work like me

Bianca Rosenberg

RCM Digital College, is the best Digital Environment to start with, where you get to learn more about the digital world, I was one of the students in 2016 when they just opened the school, I've learned a lot and grew within the Digital World, I would recommend the RCM Digital College to everyone, It's a very good environment and a whole lot of fun. The Digital Environment is an on going change and you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet Access. #work like me.

Sumaya Watkins

Awesome environment filled with never ending information that helps individuals to grow wiser
Fun filled classes that allows everyone to be comfortable and express themselves in a manner that benefits themselves as well as those around them

Ashley Welcome

RCM is the place to be if you always dream of going Digital, they offer great courses their lectures are professional and work very hard, what are you waiting for RCM is the future

Nhlamulo Wa Rey

Rcm Is the Best Digital Marketing College, I would Recommend it For Anyone who Is Willing To study Digital Marketing Or Related Courses, The Lectures are Very Friendly n Willing to Help Every Student To Pass, They Sometimes Do One on One Session to make Sure Everyone Understands.

Nurdyne Hlungwanie

RCM Digital College not only offers great courses taught by industry professionals, they also offer great support for each student that walks through the door. They say knowledge is power, so equip yourself today!

Mmabatho Mokoena
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