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The marketing industry is dynamic and versatile which has allowed it to adapt to market trends over the years, while taking advantage of new developments in technology and communication. Relatively recently (in comparison to how long the advertising industry has been around), there has been a massive exodus in popularity for digital over analogous mediums. The world-wide-web, social media platforms and mobile apps have given marketers a new and engaging way to interact with their target audiences, the best of which have worked tirelessly to be pioneers in making the most out of changes and opportunities presented by the industry.

Moving to digital

When was the last time you received a flyer at a traffic light that actually compelled you to take action? Analogous mediums such as flyers, posters, billboards and spammy post have dominated the marketing industry for some time, but have had to give way to digital mediums such as video, websites, and social media campaigns. These digital mediums have proven cost effective, more engaging for target audiences, better at generating leads and conversions, and can even provide measurable metrics that allow you to tweak and perfect your campaign with usable knowledge on how well it is reaching and compelling your audience.

There has been a trend in society and marketing industries that have seen a gradual adoption of digital mediums over analogous ones. Newspapers are being traded in for mobile phones, call centers with apps, phone directories with search engines and portfolios with profiles. It is estimated that more than half of those searching for businesses and services, do so from a mobile device, those who search from PCs and laptops are not far behind, while those who make purchasing decisions based on traditional advertising mediums, is at an all-time low; with statistics not looking to change direction any time soon.

With statistics like that, can you as a marketing agent, really afford not to learn as much as you can about digital marketing?

Ever-expanding platforms

Many of the platforms that enable digital campaigns to be conducted, are in a constant state of change, providing new and more effective ways for marketers to reach their target audiences. Between the Google Search and Display Networks, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there are always more tools to be found that can give your campaigns a competitive edge by reaching audiences that are actively looking for the product or service being propagated by your campaign.

Filtering your target audience

One of the greatest benefits to digital advertising mediums, is that they allow you to customize your campaign so that your efforts can be concentrated on those who are either actively looking for the product, company, event or service you are marketing; or fall under a very specific demographic. Digital platforms provide and develop tools to make sure that your campaign only generates leads that are worthwhile, meaning that every minute of effort and coin from your budget is being used to its potential.

Traditional advertising mediums which do little to target specific audiences, seem clumsy and brash in comparison; and due to the need for additional resources and distribution channels, will almost certainly end up costing a lot more than digital mediums, while being far less effective.

Obtaining usable metrics

Being able to accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaign allows you to make real-time adjustments that can direct your efforts and budget to those areas that enjoy the most success.

Knowing your way around a Google AdWords campaign and being familiar with analytics tools such as Google Analytics will help you do this with absolute accuracy, as opposed to analogous mediums which rely on extensive market research and no small amount of guess-work to achieve relatively inferior audience data.

There is room for more gurus

The marketing industry, since its inception, has spawned countless gurus that seem to have a knack for manipulating the medium to get the most out of marketing campaigns. Of course, their excellence in skill and knowledge has come from years of experience in running a variety of campaigns.

Up until digital mediums took the stage, these gurus were one-in-a-million, and their consultation came at a hefty price. Now, there are hubs all over the internet as well as social media and search optimization courses where pioneering ideas can be shared and discussed; and amateurs and professionals alike can learn. This makes it much easier than it has ever been to obtain the knowledge and guidance needed to become the best in the industry.

The ever-expanding nature of the digital advertising realm means that there is also more chance than before of making a name for yourself; effectively becoming the next digital marketing guru.

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