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The Benefits of Being a Well-rounded Web Developer

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Well-Rounded Web Developer

Generally, software developers are skilled in at least one programming language with knowledge and experience extending from those who are fresh out of college to the mastery of the languages’ designers. However, there are only so many hours in a day and most of us must make a decision as to how we use that time, including developing the skills we use in our professional lives. For web developers, decisions have to be made regarding what to learn, how much to learn, which skills to develop and when to use them. In web development, it pays to be well-rounded.
To a web developer, a programming language needs to be a tool, rather than a way of life. Different challenges require different tactics. For instance, you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to fix a leaking pipe when a pipe wrench is at your disposal and, similarly, you wouldn’t use a programming language lacking specific features for processing HTTP requests to create a website. If a developer has access to a large set of tools then they are capable of solving a more diverse set of problems. Of course, expertise is needed as is knowing when to utilize one language over another. If confusion does arise when a jQuery script doesn’t connect straight to a database, further reading is required.
It should be apparent that some problems require various tools working together and, although several combinations could get the job done, there is often a helpful synergy when the correct selection is made. For instance, a web service can be built using C++ and XML, however, leveraging C# and JSON through the use of javascript will probably lead to a more up-to-date and usable interface for other applications and services to interact with. Both methods will get the job done, there is a definite preference for one over the other.
If someone wishes to become a software developer that specializes in responsive web design, for example, they will first need to learn how to use a programming language, which is something they most probably had little to no experience with up to that time. It will require a significant amount of time, troubleshooting and dedication to reach any level of mastery. But once that effort is put in, there will be several benefits to reap. Learning one programming language lays the foundation for learning new ones, cutting the time required to reach proficiency with the next language undertaken. Simply put, learning how to use a tool makes one better at learning how to use tools – and this benefit is amassed.
In conclusion, there is a matter of perspective. As different tools not only have different uses but different methods of use, perspective can be gauged on the tools one already has knowledge of, by way of the ones one doesn’t. A web developer could use languages like C#, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS but learning a functional language like F# might help that developer write simpler, cleaner code.

The RCM Digital College is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals. Graduates of The RCM Digital College will be awarded a certificate of completion and Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Above all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders. At The RCM Digital College, you can become a web developer, learning things like Basics of Web Design and Layout, Adding pages, posts and media, knowledge of hosting packages, installation templates, the Basics of HTML and CSS, and so much more.

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