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What is a Digital Nomad and How to Become One

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Everybody has a dream of working a job where you can dictate your own hours, travel whenever you want to, and do what is needed from anywhere in the world; though the security of a nine-to-five job generally stops people from breaking out of their boundaries and finding a way to do so. Up until recently, the average company or business has always operated out of a brick and mortar premises; though with the quick development of a global and online community in the business realm thanks to advancements brought out by the world-wide-web, people have been finding new ways to work, from wherever they are, and under whichever conditions they choose. These people, either through e-commerce or online freelancing; are those that could rightfully call themselves digital nomads.

Industries that enable digital nomads

As you would imagine, the profession of a digital nomad is not one that applies to all industries but is generally only suited to those that use the world-wide-web as the cornerstones of its operations. The digital marketing world is the perfect industry for those looking to become digital nomads since most of their operations can be done from anywhere that has a stable internet connection. Web designers, app developers, graphic artists, SEO managers, and content creators are but a few of the positions in the industry where this is possible; since they rely on hardware that can ultimately be mobile.

Full time to part time

One of the gravest misconceptions about being a digital nomad is that it is not much different from having a part-time job. People who work towards becoming a digital nomad in order to cut their working hours down, generally find nothing but frustration, unfinished deadlines and a distinctive lack of finances. Like any job, being a digital nomad takes time, effort and interest. If you are not willing to put these in and work at it as though there is a boss leaning over your shoulder; then you will be unlikely to achieve success. As a part-time profession, being a digital nomad will grow your skill and bank account, but you will need to get used to living on far less sleep and free time than you do now.

There is, of course, a downside

Traveling the world with your trusted laptop like some sort of MI6 agent is an incredible experience, though it does have a lifespan; and this is due to a number of reasons. You will get years of unique experiences and will be able to go wherever you like, though you will have to find specialized ways of managing finances, time and customers. For me, the most difficult part of becoming a well-traveled digital nomad was that it limits your ability to build meaningful connections with people, clients or possible co-workers. There is no way for a digital nomad to settle down, except of course by changing their career approach. Travel is exciting, though can be lonely. Your hammock-side office has no one else in it but you. So who do you learn from? And who do you spend your time with? These are both very real concerns for any digital nomad.

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Though despite the challenges it brings, becoming a digital nomad can be an incredibly enriching experience, and will give you an opportunity to work the way that best suits you. Though doing it without any prior knowledge of the industry is next to impossible. So, to take your first step towards becoming one, enroll in a digital marketing course from a leading school, the RCM School of Excellence.


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