Introduction to TikTok


Course description

TikTok’s provides a distinct user experience when compared to other social media apps. This includes the ability to create short videos within the app by shooting, editing clips, customising audio, applying effects, and enhancing content with filters – all within the same app. When you use TikTok for business, your digital marketing strategy virtually infinitely multiplies. With few South African businesses currently using this platform, it offers significant advantages to learn about the platform and jump onto the unique opportunities now.

Course duration

The social media course runs for four weeks, Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 12:30

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Who should enrol?

  • Working professionals who want to understand the digital marketing space.
  • Beginners who want to learn more about social media marketing.
  • Existing marketing professionals who want to up their game in digital marketing or specialise in social media marketing.

This course is central to the skills required to be an effective digital marketer. In addition, it contains essential insights and knowledge surrounding the planning, implementation, and measurement of paid-for TikTok campaigns, making it a required course for would-be campaign managers.

This social media course is designed by accredited social media specialists. This ensures they are up to date with the latest industry trends and guarantee that students are equipped with the latest knowledge in an ever-evolving industry.

We will provide students with manuals and additional study material. In addition, we offer sufficient practical experience to ensure our students fully understand the course material and teach best practices. As a result, on completion of this social course, students will be ready to start a career in digital marketing.

This course is delivered online through our advanced learning platform. Participate in classroom learning from anywhere, on any device, in an immersive virtual environment. Students are encouraged to connect and build a network for support and idea exchange during the social media course.

During this course, students will learn the ins and outs of TikTok marketing. Upon completion, they will be able to create and execute successful TikTok marketing strategies.

Introduction to social media marketing

Discover how social media is used in South Africa.

Basic of social media strategy

How to develop a social media strategy for your business

Introduction to TikTok

Understand why your brand should be on TikTok and learn how to use the platform to maximise your business’ marketing strategy.

Why choose a career in digital?

The digital marketing industry is growing bigger every day. Companies know that most people in the world are doing things online and are shifting their marketing strategies to digital. Companies need to keep up with the volatile online world and continuously increase their digital marketing budgets and internal marketing teams. There are many opportunities available in the digital industry, opportunities that students need to take advantage of. Digital marketing is used by many companies, big and small, around the world. This means you can use your skills and transfer them to any industry. Digital offers challenges, and there is always room for growth and learning through its rapid growth.

Why choose RCM Digital College?

There is a gap in the market for digitally skilled employees. As a result, businesses find it hard to find capable employees and have the required skills needed to market online.

At the RCM Digital College, we provide students with the skills and experience necessary to work in any digital agency. RCM Digital College offers students a world-class education, skills training, and practical knowledge.

We also assist graduates with recruitment opportunities through RCM Placements – a recruitment agency. Our courses are affordable and offer the best value for money. So enrol now to kickstart a career in the digital industry.

What is social media?

Social media comprises websites and applications that enable users to network, create content, and share content. It is an online form of communication.

Why is social media important for web traffic?

Digital is the future and almost every person in the world uses social media to communicate with others. Therefore, there is a massive opportunity for business owners to market via social media. Social media helps to drive targeted traffic to a website. By linking social media posts with websites, it helps build content that boosts the SEO for a website. Social media is also crucial in creating brand awareness for businesses. With social media, you can target any audience, and the results are undeniably unbeatable. A business’s brand doesn’t exist online if it is not represented across the relevant social channels.

Why should I consider a career in digital marketing?

Are you having trouble deciding whether to change your career direction or what you should study next? The digital marketing industry offers a wide array of opportunities to start your own career. Invest in building a solid social media presence and contribute to relevant online conversations.